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Ergo Bob Earrings


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Ergo Bob Earring without angle 


Unique handmade silver jewellery referred to as ergo bob in silver or 3 tone gold which is yellow red and white. This jewellery that's available in either gold or silver makes the ideal personal
present or wedding gift. These are earrings girls love wearing and earrings that are UK designed.

def. An earring is a piece of jewelry that is worn on the ear. They are worn by both sexes, although until recently in western cultures, they were more typically worn by women.

Earring Jewellery available with or without the Xing trade mark angle:
Sterling Silver (Wt. 7-7.5 gms)
3 tone 9ct (Wt. 9-9.5 gms)
3 tone 18ct (Wt. 12-12.5 gms)